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ZCML Scholarship Winner featured for prestigious internship

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The Zontas of Miami Lakes 2020 Amelia Earhart Scholarship to Mariana Onhiveros, winner was featured in FIU News this week. An undergraduate engineering major that is graduating this year, Mariana was awarded an internship with the Boeing Company; her title was Materials & Processes (M&P) engineering intern. Great Minds in STEM Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Corporation (HENAAC) Conference selected her for this very prestigious internship. You can read the news story here.

Mariana will graduate this year from FIU. She was selected for the Zontas of Miami Lakes's 2020 Amelia Earhart Scholarship because of her excellence both inside the classroom and in the community. During her time at FIU she served as President of the FIU Eco Engineering Club and was a member of the Hispanic Professional Engineering Club.

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