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Virtual Hats & Happy Hour

Updated: Jul 11

Zisters gathered online to chat and catch up during this much needed get together

The ZCML Zisters gathered online for our virtual Hats & Happy Hour. We missed each other after a month of social distancing- so lots of chatter and cheer during this April Meeting! With each chime indicating someone was signing in to our gathering, the laughter got increasingly louder.

As an added bonus, bartender-ess extraordinaire Diane Youst taught us how to make a virgin and regular Quarent- tini! Grethel Kunkle and Maria Crowely also facilitated the "Best Hat Contest"! When all the votes came in, Grethel and Diane emerged as the winners.

We're clearly making the best of a difficult situation. This was a great boost to our spirits and important time for connecting with women who care about each other. Hope to have all members at our next virtual meeting.

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