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Membership in Zonta International is an honor, a privilege and a commitment to service and advocacy.  The Zonta Club  of Miami Lakes welcomes anyone to be a part of this worldwide organization working locally and globally to advance the mission of Zonta. As we are a volunteer organization we rely on annual membership dues to support club activities and contributions to the larger organization. We operate and plan our calendar based off the average amount of dues collected annually. These dues cover a variety of costs within the chapter, and ultimately serves as a part of the fundraising efforts endeavor to support agencies we contribute to. They also go toward club, district and international operational expense obligations.  

The amount for this year's dues are $140. Payment for the dues can be made by cheque or via Paypal; details about each option are outlined below. Please note that the amount in PayPal will show as $144 due to their service fee regulations (see below).

Mailing Address for Payments

Helen Brown
612 Bedford Way
Weston Fl 33326

Checks should be made out to Zonta Club Miami Lakes; please note that the payment is being made toward your membership dues an accompanying note or on the Re. line of your check.

PayPal Link for Payments

Online payments can be made using the PayPal link below. You must set up a Paypal account to do this; use this link to view instructions about how to set up a PayPal account if you do not have one. If you do not have a PayPal account, you must mail a check for your dues (see above).


A $4.00 service fee is added to your payment amount for using PayPal; this is a required PayPal fee. You can use the link provided below or go through your own PayPal account.


If you go directly to the PayPal website site and do not use the link below, the email address you will need to enter is You must select that you are making a payment to a business; Zonta cannot be considered a payment to a friend for legal reasons. Please note that you are paying your dues in the Add a Note section.

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